Miles I Have Travelled

MILES HAVE I Traveled Miles have I gone on earth and via ocean Aircrafts, vessels, trains and vehicles conveyed me Transports and bikes, skates and by walking Of development and travel I’ve known a ton Over earth and seas and mists above Felt desire to investigate and all Nature to cherish On newborn child’s bikes I previously figured out how to ride Uninformed of all future rides next to Cycled calm streets seeing island enchant What’s more, the moderate serene ride in a ship around evening time I’ve delighted in riding smooth miles on a bicycle Done loads of strolling yet neglected to bum a ride Skimmed on ice to tumble from skates and smashed Walked around sun, and in showers of downpour I’ve run I’ve paddled on the Torrens and had a good time Ship rides on Sydney Harbor and Swan Voyaged cable cars and transports and cabs, as well Electric blue sparkles of a streetcar to the zoo I’ve imparted to hundreds a few days on a voyage Wandered colorful business sectors new nourishments to pick I’ve been on sailboats and on yachts Hearing breeze in sails and discuss reef ties Intrigued I’ve seen manors in France Envisioned antiquated occasions and past move Engine drifting on jungle waters warm Investigating the green coral islands’ appeal Startling vehicle ride with a foolish companion Whose student’s frailties I was unable to annoy I’ve figured out how to fly in a Tiger moth old Furthermore, aced driving a vehicle neglected Experienced scorching traffic hooters Calmly ridden on Italian bikes Driven great many separation over dry sands Furthermore, Visit – ที่เที่ยวแปลกๆ   flown a great many miles to removed terrains Secured numerous threatening miles without dismay On liner chugged and moved over the Bight I appreciated the vessel outing and sea’s sight As I’ve gone east to west and returned by flight The incomparable Nullarbor Plain I’ve watched skim by Where you’ll not see a tree on the off chance that you flicker your eye As the train surges along from east to west Or then again from west to east, if it’s there you love best Calmed to rest by beat of train’s solid wheels I’ve known train-travel and the solace it feels! Miles over desert to look for desert well I’ve voyaged short, courageous outings on a camel Tremendous stretches of deserts been seen by me What’s more, high piles of snowed Himalaya Been in a bygone vehicle in high Kathmandu Tanked with excellence of Mt Annapurna I’ve been separated from everyone else in the old piece of Kathmandu Wishing I might have had karma to meet you Strolling round London’s dark stormy city Ached that I’d over a day – ’twas a pity Only i’ve sped smooth in refined limousines What’s without more with the breeze in my hair on a bicycle Middle savage tempests I’ve known harsh move of waves I’ve known the smooth calm trip of a lightweight plane I’ve seen the Pacific Ocean, silvered by Moon Liquid wizardry, whiteness in evening time anguish I’ve walked promenade’s amicable ways Furthermore, race to get to a gathering on time a few days I’ve swum a couple of miles – truly, just barely a couple In surf, stream, pool, straight, coral isle as well Climbed the high island bluffs of Lord Howe Strolled through nature’s rich rainforest beneath Plunged with flippers beneath the tremendous coral ocean So the submerged world additionally uncovered to me I’ve skipped, jumped and nearly coasted in space Spun and whirled in move in outright effortlessness I’ve played loads of tennis, practiced incredible, free I’ve bowed, tended my nursery and embraced a tree Strolled delicate miles of botanic gardens and blossoms In botanic nurseries spent many fulfilling hours Experienced Fiji in summer-vacationers muggy enjoyment Differentiating our nation’s dry warmth predicamen

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