Cuba – Olympic And Dictatorship

Like Park Chung-hee (Asia/South Korea: 1962-79) and Idi Amin Dada (Africa/Uganda: 1971-79), Fidel Castro is a games devotee and appreciates observing a wide range of Olympic games. Fidel Castro has visited the public group’s instructional courses, sports schools, National Schools Games and invested energy with the understudies competitors and Olympic players. Since 1990, the Cuban tyranny has spent more than $80 million every year into Olympic game. Notwithstanding, Cuba isn’t an Olympic heaven. Cuba’s cutting edge wearing history has been set apart by brandishing surrenders.

Each autocracy has its very own style. Leonidas Rafael Trujillo had one: Dominican music. Francois Duvalier had one: Haitian culture. Kim Jong Il has one: the cinematography. He loves films as “Gone with the Wind”, a popular film American. The tyrant of North Korea composed a paper “On the Art of Cinema”.

The Idi Amin Dada ขายอุปกรณ์กีฬา   regimewas famous for tormenting political detainees, restricting difference and free discourse. Under the tyranny of Idi Amin Dada, around 350,000 individuals were murdered. In any case, he cherishes Olympic games like Fidel Castro Ruz. During 1970s he had gotten a frank victor of game in the Third World. I recalled that the Ugandan group won two gold, four silver and three bronze decorations during the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand in 1974. Generally speaking Ugandan group positioned 10th, before Wales, Trinidad Tobago, Tanzania and Jamaica.

Fidel Castro once stated: “What has Cuba’s job been in the Olympic Games? What has it accomplished? What has been the product of our endeavors to advance solid clean games? At the 1972 Olympics, we completed fourteenth among 122 nations. At the Montreal Olympics in 1976- – Juantorena recalls this well, thus do we- – we completed eighth among 88 partaking nations. In 1980, in Moscow we completed fourth among 81 nations; in 1992, in Spain we completed fifth among 169 nations; and in Atlanta, in 1996 we completed eighth among 197 nations. Would anyone be able to reject these figures”. In any case, under one of the world’s most seasoned enduring fascisms, the game has become a valuable route for ladies and men to admittance to opportunity.

Unquestionably, Cuban game is an account of both disappointment and wonders. The Cuban government responded with increduly when in 1980 Roberto Urrutia, a weightlifter, suddenly reported his choice to look for shelter in the United States. At the age 14 Urrutia made weightlifting high first concern, and after ten months he set up public records. Urrutia entered the 1975 Pan American Championship at 18 years old and won gold awards for Cuba. In December, in Matanzas, he become the principal Latin American weightlifter to acquire a World record. In 1976 he at long last understood his fantasy about contending in the Olympics. Like Alberto Juantorena (olympic style sports), Teofilo Stevenson (boxing) and Mireya Luis Hernandez (volleyball), Roberto Urrutia Hernandez, previous individual from Youth Communist Union, was an image of the Cuban Revolution. Roberto, was conceived on December 12, 1956, in La Havana, won 3 gold awards at the 1978 Weightlifting World Championships and finished world Soviet’s-year control of worldwide weightlifting. Unquestionably, he was casted a ballot Hero of the Year by Prensa Latina. Before the Moscow Olympic Games, Roberto Urrutia abandoned to the United States by means of Mexico.

In the previous scarcely any years, we have seen various occasions occur: Taimaris Aguero, a player, came to look for opportunity in Italy; Odelin Molina, a remarkable footballer from La Havana looked for political refuge in the United States; and Dulce Tellez, a sportswoman, came to San Juan de Puerto Rico.

Aguero, who at 1,77, was viewed as outstanding amongst other female competitors in the Americas, at 16 years old she become the most youthful individual actually to be an individual from Cuban Team. During the 1993 World Junior Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Aguero completed first in the opposition for best setter. When Tanya Ortyz, setter from 1987 to 1995, reported her expectation to resign toward the finish of 1995, Aguero was viewed as a main possibility for the post. Along these lines, she was keywoman when Cuba completed first at the 1998 World Championship. In 2000 Aguero helped the Cuban group arrive at triumph at the Olympic Games. If not the best setter ever, she is unquestionably the most celebrated in volleyball history. These days Taimaris Aguero is one of the most recollected and dearest sportswomen by Cubans. Behind baseball, volleyball is the most famous game in Cuba.

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